We provide top end, high storage virtual servers at affordable prices.

Whether you run a data-intensive business, have tons of digital media, or just need more storage space, EdgeVM has a virtual storage server plan for you to backup all your important data.

Large Storage VPS For You

Our Virtual Storage Solutions not only help with backing up critical data, restoring and retrieving your backed up data is quick and painless. RAID-60 is not only designed for full redundancy and reliability, it’s blazingly fast!

We provide top end, high storage virtual servers at affordable prices.

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All of our plans are fully customisable to your needs

  • 1x Intel E5 2.4GHz+ Core
  • 1GB Memory
  • 1000GB Storage
  • 2TB Bandwidth @1Gbps
  • $19.99(per month)
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Best Value
  • 1x Intel E5 2.4GHz+ Core
  • 2GB Memory
  • 2000GB Storage
  • 4TB Bandwidth @1Gbps
  • $39.99(per month)
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  • 2x Intel E5 2.4GHz+ Core
  • 3GB Memory
  • 3000GB Storage
  • 6TB Bandwidth @1Gbps
  • $59.99(per month)
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  • 2x Intel E5 2.4GHz+ Core
  • 4GB Memory
  • 4000GB Storage
  • 8TB Bandwidth @1Gbps
  • $79.99(per month)
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Affordable Storage VPS

Full KVM Virtualization, Windows, and Pre-Built Templates. Complete Control.

Big data storage

Need even more storage? We can provide up to 30TB RAID50 storage on a single virtual server. Contact us with your requirements if you need more storage than the offers listed here and we'll get back to you with a quote.

Our Hardware Nodes

We use Supermicro servers with the latest Intel Haswell-EP CPUs, ECC memory and 24x SATA3 HDDs in hardware RAID50. This creates reliable virtual servers with a lot of storage and write speeds up to 1.0 GB/s.

What is KVM?

KVM is a true virtualization platform, which means you have your own kernel and can install almost any OS. Compared to OpenVZ which is a container-based virtualization technology with shared kernel.

Our Network

We only choose the best networks and data centers with great connectivity. Our VPS nodes are equipped with redundant network connections from a redundant pair of switches connected to redundant uplinks. You got the idea... we hate single points of failures!

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